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The Todd Harned Farm

"Our sale offering is selected from a large group of heifers both bought and home raised. Only the heifers we believe have the potential to make great mamas have been selected for this sale. We hand feed all our heifers to make them gentle as possible.

Heifers were bred to calving ease Angus bulls with CED of 10 or higher with good weaning and yearling weights. Heifers have been pelvic measured and vaccinated with a good mineral and health program. Calving dates were determined by ultrasound. We go to great lengths to produce the best heifers we possibly can and that calving is trouble free.

You will find quality throughout this sale. Whatever your criteria may be, you will certainly find a selection of heifers to choose from. Call me for any assistance you may need. We appreciate all our past customers as well as the potential new customers."

Todd Harned

For more information, contact:

Todd Harned
209 Botto Lane
Boston, KY 40107
Cell: (502) 249-2354
Email: tmharned@bardstown.com

Upcoming Auction Details 

Date of Auction: November 3, 2018
Location: Marion County Fairgrounds
Time: 1:00 pm