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Sandusky Farms

Sandusky Farms is comprised of approximately 400 acres of owned and leased land nestled in the rolling hills of central Kentucky. The farm's primary focus is beef production with limited crop production used mainly as feed for the cattle.

Our cow herd consists of registered Angus and Charolais, along with a commercial group of females. The commercial females are mainly Angus-based, as they tend to complement our environment better. The black females are artificially bred to Hereford bulls, the Black Baldies are bred to Black Simmental bulls and the remaining cross-bred females are bred to Black Angus bulls. All females are AI bred once and then pasture-exposed to Charolais bulls. All females are required to calve within a 60 day calving season and are under a strict vaccination and mineral program. Our herd consists of 50 Spring and 40 Fall calving females.

We offer 80 bred heifers for sale each year with 40 being Spring Calving and 40 Fall Calving. The heifers are selected from our herd as well as some neighboring herds of similar genetics. We assemble 110 heifers at weaning time and select the top 40 from this group to enter our replacement program. The remaining 70 females are marketed as feeders or are fed at commercial feed yards until harvest. The bred heifers are marketed through the Central Kentucky Premier Heifer Sales.

Our registered bull calves are evaluated at weaning, at which time the top ten to fifteen calves are selected as herd sire prospects. The remaining calves are castrated, back-grounded and marketed as yearlings, or are fed until harvest at a commercial feed yard. All of the bulls, including our herd sires, must be docile, calving ease, growth bulls with lots of maternal and carcass merit traits. We will not keep a bull calf that we would not use on our own cow herd. The bulls are offered throughout the year at private treaty.

Our goal is to focus on ways to continually improve on genetics and performance of our cow herd. With artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and careful selection of the best sires in the business, we are making great strides in accomplishing this goal. All animals have been tested for PI-BVD and all are negative. Regardless, if you are looking for replacement females, herd sires or feeder cattle, you can buy with confidence from our program.

For more information, contact:

Central Kentucky Premier Heifer Sales
David Sandusky, Chairman
3200 St. Rose Road
Lebanon, KY 40033
Home: (692) 692-1875
Cell: (270) 692-7793

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Date of Auction: November 3, 2018
Location: Marion County Fairgrounds
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